0115 9892232

Deliver my news..



Will I still need my wellies and raincoat if I'm going

to have my newspaper delivered ?


  • No



How can I pay my invoice ?


  • On line
  • Over the phone with any debit card
  • Cash in store
  • Cheque
  • Standing order
  • Cash collection



What if I need to stop my delivery for a few days ?


  • Just give us a call on (0115) 9892232 or

e mail colin@delivermynews.co.uk



How much is your delivery charge ?


  • It does vary, but it's a lot less than your milkman or

postman and a lot cheaper than getting the car out !



But I only want a delivery at weekends ?


  • A lot of our loyal customers do !



What if I have a problem, you're so far away ?


  • We will correct things within the hour, very often much quicker



What if I subscribe to a newspaper ?



  • We accept all vouchers